Carte and Menus
Gourmet and iodized universe, childhood souvenir

Carte and Menus of Ronan's table

The carte

Open the carte of the Michelin-starred table of RONAN KERVARREC (Ille-et-Vilaine) and enter an iodized and gourmet universe of childhood memories.

A first step towards a signature recipe: Smoked Lobster in Civet or shellfish, accompanied by a powerful, natural and flattering sauce, then another, to discover the unique flavors and textures of wild seaweed freshly picked on the foreshore ; then yet another, and you feast on crispy and tender veal sweetbreads.

Finally, how not to succumb to the signature dessert, the famous Breton Gavotte filled with a chocolate tube flavored with chouchen with its caramel mousse and salted butter coulis placed on a fine delicate grapefruit jelly with passion fruit bases? A treat with authentic flavors. And what about Crème au Caramel, a genuine Madeleine de Proust?

In case of allergy, food intolerance, vegetarian diet or even if it is a special event, please contact us imperatively.
In order to best meet your expectations, let us know your choice of menu beforehand

Whatever your style, you are always welcome at the table of RONAN KERVARREC if your outfit is correct. (Shirt and long pants, skirt and dress. No tank top, sportswear, shorts, swimsuit, beach flip-flops...).
For the well-being of our teams, we close our establishment at 00:30.

Memories of my childhood menus

This menu could start like a fairy tale.

« Once upon a time » a childhood surrounded by parents working as innkeepers, who share the taste of good seafood... Once upon a time there was a Breton region with gourmet traditions rooted in every home... Once upon a time Ocean, the vast ocean which conceals fish, shellfish and crustaceans... RONAN KERVARREC takes you by the hand and takes you on a journey through his culinary memories.

Thus, you find the crumbled brown crab, taken in a consommé of shells, echoing the Sunday family meal. Potato galette with buckwheat from Maria, the Chef's grandmother, stuffed with andouille de Guéméné, melted shallots and Granny Smith, accompanied by her traditional bowl of cider. Not to mention the seafood platter, another family tradition for Sunday lunch, cooked just right, a legacy of his dad Alban.

Our offers :

  • “Discovery” menu in 3 courses €59 (last order taken at 1:30 p.m.)
    Available in Business Formula in 2 courses for a service in -1 hour. (table of 6 people maximum.)

My Souvenir Menus:

  • Menu in 4 courses €90 (last orders taken at 1:30 p.m. and 9:15 p.m.)
  • Menu in 5 courses  €120 (last orders taken at 1:15 p.m. and 9:15 p.m.)
  • Prince of the Ocean menu: menu in 5 courses "all lobster" €185 (on reservation 48 hours in advance last order taken 1:15 p.m. and 9:15 p.m.)
  • Menu in 7 courses  €175 (last order taken at 9 p.m.)

From 8 people, a single menu will be served for the whole table.


A story of women and men

Above all, RONAN KERVARREC loves people and the gestures that shape the land he works with passion and respect. From these meetings were born beautiful stories of friendship, from these shared values a relationship of trust.

Thus, the two-Michelin-starred Chef knows the products he chooses, has walked their land, discovering women and men of high quality, in the image of their work and exceptional and unique products; there he forged his cuisine, his style.

The partner producers of Ronan KERVARREC's starred table

  • Gatherer of seaweed, herbs and wild flowers: Jean-Marie Pedron, Les jardins de la mer in Le Croizic (44); Scarlette le Corre, Mer et saveurs in Guilvinec (29)
  • Fruits and Vegetables: Eric Bocel in Pacé (35)
  • Edible flowers and small vegetables: Claire VIDIE and Thibaut Le Mennec, Le Grand Champ in Mouazė (35)
  • White asparagus: Bigoud Génération in Pointe de la Torche (29)
  • Red fruits: Mr and Mrs Pichot in St-Méloir des Ondes (35)
  • Fleur de sel: Cédric Pennarum, Grand cru de Batz-Binet 1660 in Batz sur mer (44)
  • Cream, butter, milk, cheese (Organic): GAEC La Lait Des Champs (35). Thierry Lemarchand in Pacé (35)
  • Eggs: The Kig Ha Vi farm in Meillac (35)
  • Poultry: Paul&Olivier Renault in Louvigné de Bais
  • Andouille from Guémené: Rivalan-Quidu in Guémené sur Scorff (58)
  • Charcuterie products: Patrick Duler. Domaine de St Gery in St Géry (46)
  • Caviar: Kaviari in Paris (75)
  • House Duperier foie gras in Souprosse (40)
  • Buckwheat and wheat flour: Le Stuff in Bubry (56), my grandmother's village: Moulin de Champcors, Artisan Miller in Bruz (35)
  • Olive oil, olive, olive jam: Lessatini in Nice (06)
  • Balsamic Vinegar Pascal and Rossana Chapeau: Leonardo at Magreta di Formigine (Modena, Italy)
  • Traditional Wine Vinegar: Frédéric Ozane

Wines from producers, wines for pleasure

The taste experience desired and proposed by the starred Chef naturally extends into the wines that make up the cellar of the starred restaurant.

As usual, there are meetings with winegrowers, visits to different vineyards in France, tastings in the cellars Pleasure, emotional experience. Just as many feelings and sensations that will accompany the chef's cuisine.

Our sommeliers are at your disposal to guide you in the choice of wine when you come to La Table de Ronan. Anxious to promote sustainable viticulture and winemaking, we favor organic and biodynamic production.

Our winemaker friends:

  • Benoit Trocard: Clos Dubreuil in Saint-Émilion (33)
  • Nicole Tapon: in Saint-Émilion(33)
  • Vincent Rapin: La dame de onze heures in Saint-Emilion (33)
  • Michel Brotons: Clos de l'Ours in Cotignac (83)